Zhang Zhanbing

时间:2014-05-27 17:50:31


Director of economics department at Chinese Academy of Governance, professor
Expert professor: Zhang Zhanbing
Employer unit: Chinese Academy of Governance
Present Occupation: vice director of economics department at national school of administration
Research direction: government economics, Macro-Economics, Harmonious economy and the economic development strategy, Regional economy and development planning, Industrial economy and the economic growth.

Personal experience:
Post-doctoral, china economy research center of Peing University, secretary-general, china public economy research society, expert, economics review panels of the national social science fund. Doctor of economics, professor of economics department of Chinese Academy of Governance, research assistant of the central political system discussion group office, vice department director and vice researcher of China Institute for Reform and Development, president and research of Chinese Academy of Management Science, vice secretary general, china market economy research society, Working on researches about government economics, micro-economics and development economics, focusing on public economy and public policy.


Economic globalization and the rise of China
Comparative advantage and development strategy of China's economy
Regional economic development and the reform of Chinese administrative division
The harmonious economy and the strategy of the rise of central China
The government regulatory reform and market regulation
Comparative advantage and Chinese characteristic economy of the county
Strategic industries and the future of China's economic development