Xu Dianlu

时间:2014-05-27 17:13:43


Chairman of the board & president of Defali Group


Employer: Defali Group
Occupation: chairman of the board & president

Social positions:
2008, member of council, Association for Dialectics of Nature of China
2011, part-time professor,


Work experience:
Found Defali Group in 1988. Successful market operation makes Defali Group became a earliest and largest private enterprise in china lottery industry and only cross-century lottery enterprise after the new china issued the first lottery.
1997-2003, he investigated about 60 countries with 20million people, and cooperated with the United states, Russia, Uganda, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and so on.
1990, founded China Lottery Network,which is designated as only media for internet information release by China Welfare Lottery Management Center. At present, China Lottery Network ranks one in global chinese lottery websites and becomes a vertical portal in chinese lottery industry with absolute leader in traffic and user groups.