Macao polytechnic gaming research center come to visit the Center

       Executive vice director Li Kun, researcher Chen Haiping, and committee member Kong Wei welcomed Huang Guihai professor, Gaming Teaching and Research Center of Macao Polytechnic Institute April 27, 2011. Huang Guihai spoke highly of foundation of Lottery Research Center of China at Beijing Normal University, and believed Center will make a great progress with the other companions. What Huang Guihai study field was game field in Macao, focusing on gambler’s behavior in Macao recently, having in common with” psychological limit of lottery purchase”, national level subject of the Center, and Huang Guihai was willing to participate this subject. In addition, Huang Guihai and Likun reached an agreement that Gaming Teaching and Research Center and the Center have a long term academic cooperation in form of project. At last, Huang Guihai said, welcome the Center come a visit to Macao Polytechnic Institute.