Leaders of the Center visit Macau Polytechnic Gaming Research Center

       Center executive vice director Li Kun visited Macau Polytechnic Gaming Research Center, received enthusiastically by Dr. Zheng Miaoxian, vice director Zhao Chongjian and director Huang Guihai, Gaming Teaching and Research Center of Macao Polytechnic Institute November 29, 2011. Li Kun, Zheng Miaoxian, Zhao Chongjian and Huang Guihai exchanged common academic problem and explored in the field and subject of cooperation and talent introduction. With the company of Huang Guihai, they visited a library in the Gambling Teaching and Research Center. Asia-Pacific Association for Gambling Studies was founded on October 6, 2011, sponsored by Zeng Zhonglu, Huang Guihai of the Macao Polytechnic Institute Gaming Teaching and Research Center, companied regional and international Macau gaming expert group, and Center vice director Li Kun was invited vice president of the Asia Pacific Association for Gambling studies. During the visit, Li Kun went to the Asia Pacific Association for Gambling studies, discussed the development direction and development strategy of the Association with President Zeng Zhonglu and Secretary-general Huang Guihai, and reached an agreement about cooperation with the Center. Both will cooperate broadly in academic research of lottery, contributing to the development of china lottery industry.