China lottery industry strategy and development seminar

       2011 is the 24th year of china lottery industry development and the begin year of “the Twelve-Five planning”. As the new force, Lottery Research Center of China at Beijing Normal University, played the advantages of comprehensive discipline of Beijing Normal University and commitment to prospective and basic research of china lottery. As a famous web portal, Sina played advantages of media resources, promoted the spread of lottery idea and explore the direction of industrial development. With the goal of working together to build high-end industry forum and leading the industry to think, the two institutions played complementary resources and discussed China's lottery business strategy and development in the next five years from the following directions:
1. The promotion of national quality and the spread of philosophy for public benefit
2. Science and technology development and industry innovation
3. Economic development and public entertainment needs
4. Adhere to regulate the development and promotion of social justice
5. Improvement of comprehensive national strength and international status of the industry

       In order to build government departments, research institutions and industry and enterprise high-end platform to discuss future development direction of china lottery, and play the role of the third-party public opinion, build three dimensional platform of public opinion, create a positive exchange and promote the rapid development of harmonious lottery market, “international seminar about 2011 china lottery industry strategy and development”, will be held by Beijing Normal University and Sina together in the sixth conference room of jingshi plaza in Beijing Normal University.
The seminar invited the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of education, the General Administration of Sport of China, National Welfare Lottery Issuing and Management Center, sports lottery management center of the General Administration of Sport of China, Provincial lottery management center, international institutions, research experts, industrial corporations, and authoritative medium. These institutions and experts discussed the China's lottery business strategy and development in the next five years from the following aspects:
1. Development of china lottery industry in the 12th Five-Year period
2. Charity mission and social responsibility of lottery
3. Responsibility and mission of china lottery market and web media
4. Online betting
5. The relationship of use of public welfare fund of Hong Kong lottery and social development
6. Safe regulation and development of lottery
7. Problem lottery buyer and lottery responsibility