Online investigation finished successfully, and seminar will be held soon.

       Large online investigation activity “Online investigation into behavior of lottery buyer” has finished successfully, launched by Lottery Research Center of China of Beijing Normal University. Design, pre-research, background technical preparation started in May, formal online investigation started in September and ends in November, and data processed and analyzed, which lasted half of year in total. The number of the participant is about 176,200, but from the perspective of rigorous research, the number of final screening is about 38,000. The Center will hold problem lottery buyer and responsibility for lottery seminar, and release the results and data.

Research stems from “psychological limit of lottery purchase”, National Humanities and Social Sciences project


       In order to fully understand the current status and characteristics of lottery groups and promote the development of social responsibility lottery, the Center, as domestic emerging academic institutions, carried out the first research into behavior of lottery buyer, “psychological limit of lottery purchase”. The project is host by Chen Haiping, doctor of School of Psychology and researcher of Lottery Research Center of China of Beijing Normal University and Chen Haiping’s research enjoyed good reputation in psychological measurement and its application, personnel selection and data analysis, behavioral decision and economic psychology and gambling behavior and problem at home and abroad, and been highly praised by government and academic field.

Investigation understood fully the behavior of lottery buyer

       “Online investigation of china lottery buyer behavior”, held by Lottery Research Center of China at Beijing Normal University, aimed to grasp the status quo of behavior of china’s lottery buyer, propagandize lottery-related knowledge and improve public welfare awareness of lottery buys, focusing on investigating into behavioral awareness of china lottery buyer, from the following some aspects: demographic characteristics and lottery purchase behavior, distinction characteristic of problem lottery buyer, lottery purchase faith of buyer, personality characteristics of buyer, and irrational lottery purchase behavior and influencing factors. The investigation was conducted, cooperating with domestic core lottery website.
       The Center understood fully the current status and characteristics of the lottery group by rigorous data screening and analysis and established a scientific research platform and scientific standard of problem lottery buyer by socialization research, at the same time, built evaluation system of lottery behavior at home, collected and analyzed timely the performance of buyer in lottery market and promoted accurate data to lottery social responsibility. 

Problem lottery buyers and responsible lottery seminar is soon opening up

       Analysis report in this investigation also portrays the first picture of problem lottery buyers. In Feb. 25th, 2012, Lottery Research Center of China, Beijing Normal University and Macao Polytechnic Institute will hold Problem Lottery Buyers and Responsible Lottery Seminar-- Conference of Network Investigation into Chinese Lottery Buyers Behaviors, with publication of results and data.    

       Professors, leaders in main braches, industrial researchers and media journalists all over the world will be invited to exchange opinions centered with problem lottery buyers. Conference focus will be set on psychology, recognizing and preventing problem lottery buyers, concerning with defining problem lottery buyers, estimating popularity, group characteristics, rationality of purchasing, decision-making psychology, prevention strategies and legislation.
       Seminar is known as the first academic research conference on problem lottery buyers, assembling the government, professors and enterprises. Full exertion of media enlarges social influence of this seminar, further promoting the development of responsible lottery and social responsibility of lottery.