Pictures of International Seminar on China Lottery Development



Dong Qi, vice president of BNU is giving speech.



Wang Yida, vice director of Comprehensive Division in Ministry of Finance is giving speech.



Feng Lizhi, vice director of Distribution management center of China Welfare Lottery, is giving keynote speech, introducing development history and achievements of China Welfare Lottery.



Wei Jixiang, vice director of China Sports Lottery Management Center, gives keynote speech, introducing development of China Sports Lottery and progress of 11th Five-year Project.



Zhang Zhanbin, director of Economics Teaching and Research Department in China National School of Administration, contract researcher of Center, gives speech on China Lottery Development in the 12th Five-year Project.



Zhu Weiguo, chief of Department of political science and law in Legislative Affairs Office, contract research of Center, gives speech on Lottery Mission to Public Interests and Social Responsibility.



Wen Jin, deputy editor-in-chief of Sina, gives speech on China Lottery Market--Responsibilities and Duties of Network Media.



Ailsa McKnight, Operate Specialist in English lottery market, gives speech on Online Lottery.



Chen Haiping, vice professor in School of psychology in BNU, researcher in Center, gives speech on Problematic Lottery Buyers and Responsibilities of Lottery.



Li Deneng, business development manager in Hong Kong jockey club, gives speech on Attribution of Hong Kong Lottery Public Interests Fund and Social Development Relations.



Alan Ahac, CEO of Canada ESI Integrity Inc., gives speech on Safety Regulation and Development of the Lottery.