Lottery Research Center of China, Beijing Normal University (center), was founded in July 2009 to adapt to new situations and new development of lottery industry, in the support of related departments. Center takes advantages of BNU’s education and academic strength, links to many participants of China lottery: government authorities, all levels of societies, lottery companies, lottery buyers, and integrates related organizations including government, international, academic, scientific research and media resources, providing China lottery industry data, policy reference, decision-making consultant, market analysis, data survey and talents cultivation, with aim of becoming a high-level academic institution with international view.


Objectives: Public welfare, authoritative, international.
The center aims to become the academic research and exchange center of lottery in China, to reserve relative data and materials of lottery, to cultivate talents of lottery and to provide services for decision and consultant of Chinese lottery.


Scope of work:
1. Theory and policy study: The center is working to advance theoretical study of Chinese lottery based on the advantage of combining various subjects in Beijing Normal University, to carry on the integrative theoretical study on international and domestic lottery and gaming market from social, economic, legal, political and operational level. Meanwhile, center is aiming to provide theoretical basis, authoritative data and alternative plans for lottery issuer to develop and legalize lottery market through policy study and decision-making  involvement.
2. Concept and knowledge dissemination: The center is committed to publicizing lottery theory and knowledge in China, to make lottery fans establish rational gaming concepts and the lottery market develop more steadily and in balance, advancing in a scientific and standardized direction.
3. Data processing: Based on government resources, the center is promoting cooperation between government, industrial associations and relative organizations, providing reliable and authoritative data and files for lottery development.
4. Talents cultivation and international exchanges: The center is trying to cultivate professional staff, administrative staff and sales staff through short-term training, professional training, training for job qualification or academic qualification.
5. Operation of lottery market: The center will supply intelligentized platform for international exchange of lottery, to provide experience and developing mode for successful lottery market to impel Chinese lottery industry geared to international standard.
6. Consultant and information provider: The center will provide the latest information, authoritative data and deeply-analyzed report to lottery industrial companies, to create professional lottery media, and provide the industry accurate, detailed information through website, publications and other media.
7. Top platform for industrial exchange: The center will actively cooperate with lottery competent department and participate in activities for public interest, hold top industrial meetings regularly, and propel the whole industry develop healthily.